We need to rethink our approach to education and create innovative and affordable educational initiatives and job training opportunities to tap into our rural talent pipeline. The 21st-century workforce is changing, and we need to bring high-paying, high-tech jobs and attract industries of the future to the district. We need to equip our workforce with the skillsets needed in these new jobs.

  • Goal: Open a career center and an arm of a community or technical college in the district.

  • Goal: Create non-traditional educational opportunities for non-traditional workforce and underserved communities. We need to educate and empower those who want to work in trades or other fields that don’t require a college degree.

  • Goal: Offer Adult Learning classes at a career center, geared towards veterans, parents, and/or older population who may have lost their jobs and/or been temporarily displaced by the changing workforce.

  • Goal: Provide economic and job opportunities for our young people so they want to stay and raise their own families in the district.

  • Goal: Ensure people of the district have access to public transportation and maintain essential infrastructure.


We need to empower our young people and foster a sense of excellence. For that excellence is then planted and sewn into these communities and future generations.

  • Goal: Fund K-12 education; support teachers; and ensure that our children have access to challenging academic programs that prepare them for their futures.


We need to empower all of our citizens and ensure that that our at-risk populations aren’t overly criminalized and/or neglected. We need to help support and lift them up so that they can become productive members of society.

  • Goal: Create rehabilitative programs for people who have been convicted of crimes and/or display at-risk behavior.

  • Goal: Develop community programs to empower those who are already thriving as well as the underserved, underprivileged, veterans, single parents, the elderly, and the most vulnerable among us.


We need to address the “medical desert” in rural areas that leave too many of our citizens vulnerable when a hospital or medical center isn’t in close proximity and ensure that rural citizens have access to healthcare facilities.

  • Goal: Open medical center with access to mental healthcare in South Mobile County.

  • Goal: Encourage legislators to stop playing political games and expand Medicaid in order to prevent any more closure of rural hospitals and loss of jobs and lives.

  • Goal: Ensure that those suffering from addiction have access to affordable treatment and mental health services.


Rural America is a special place, and while we want to preserve small-town values and the self-sufficient spirit of rural communities, we need to modernize these areas in terms of their technology and economic innovation. 


As a longtime educator, it has also broken my heart time and time again how many of my students have felt exiled by or like they didn’t belong in their rural community—their home—because of their gender, race, sexuality, and/or religious beliefs. We need to ensure that we create inclusive communities in rural areas where all people, regardless of their gender/race/sexual orientation/religion, feel safe and welcome. The graciousness of people in rural America needs to be experienced and felt by all of its citizens.

  • Goal: Expand Broadband access in the district.

  • Goal: Work with faith communities, schools, and law enforcement agencies to empower citizens to be more inclusive and accepting.

  • Goal: Protect our elderly, veterans, children, and the most vulnerable among us.

  • Goal: Create energy independence in rural areas. Create environmental jobs of the future.


We need to preserve the beautiful waters and lands of this district. We are fortunate to live in a community where our families can swim, fish, and play in our waters. We need to commit to protecting Mobile Bay, our source of seafood and recreation and way of life, for our families and future generations.

  • Goal: Support the organizations doing the important work of conservation, watershed protection, water quality monitoring, and preventing wastewater pollution. 

  • Goal: Maintain protective measures for fish and wildlife in the area. 

  • Goal: Help promote tourism in this pristine part of our county.


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