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I was born in Mexico City to an American (Mobilian) mother and a Mexican father. My dad worked for the embassy, and we had the great privilege of being able to travel and see many beautiful places in the world. We moved to Mobile in Kindergarten, where my mom grew up so that we could be closer to family. And besides leaving for my undergraduate and graduate studies, I have been proud to call Mobile my home ever since I sat in a kindergarten class in Mobile, Alabama and first learned English. I am a proud product of an extraordinary K-12 public education that I received and the product of this wonderful community. 

I am also a proud graduate of Murphy High School where I received an International Baccalaureate diploma and was actively involved in Student Government and President of my Senior Class. It was in the sprawling, diverse halls of Murphy that I developed and nurtured my love of civic engagement, community, and diversity. I then attended Tulane University and Spring Hill College and completed my graduate work in English at UNC-Chapel Hill. 

I moved back to Mobile in 2006 to begin my career as an educator because I always knew that I wanted to serve and teach. My mother was a lifelong educator, and she was and still is my hero in life. And watching her have such an extraordinary impact on the lives of so many, particularly the underserved, instilled in me a desire to do the same. I have been a public educator now for 14 years in Alabama, and I will always consider my relationship with my students, who have become like family to me over the years, the great accomplishment of my professional life. 

And now I feel a calling to serve in a different capacity and expand my classroom into the community. I love Mobile and its people fiercely and, like I always have with my students, I want to help the good, hardworking people of my district thrive and reach their potential. And I want all of us to see each other not as members of a political party but as neighbors and as a family—because Mobile is our home. We are each other’s home. 

My amazing husband, Chris Arras, a lifelong resident of Mobile and Chief Financial Officer of Chickasaw City Schools, and I are proud to call this place home. And we are proud to be raising our two beautiful boys, along with our extended families, in this beautifully diverse, vibrant community filled with such good, kind, and hardworking people. 


And the one thing that teaching has reinforced for me time and time again is that we all share one thing: we all want to be heard, and we all want to be seen. That is precisely what I want to do as County Commissioner of District 3: see and hear all of the people of our district, our home. 


I also believe that we need more public servants in public service. And that’s why I’m running: for one reason alone, the only reason: to serve. All of you. 


Please join and support our campaign and give us the opportunity to do just that. As someone who has committed her life’s work until now to public service and education, I can promise you that no other candidate will love you harder, listen harder, fight for you harder, or work harder for you.


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